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Sometimes, because we are so in tune with our individual goals, we may not realize that we are part of a community of people trying to be better, day by day. That is exactly what Conquer Personal Training and you, my clients, are: a community of individuals, primarily women, working to be healthier and by doing so, empowering each other. It may be as little as passing by the client that is leaving as you arrive. You say a quick “Hello” or give a knowing smile. You may not know each other personally, but you know that you each showed up another day, one step closer to the goals you have set for yourselves.

In the group or semi-private sessions, there is even more of a sense of thriving from each other’s energy. Simply knowing that you are going to show up because you know everyone else is. We need this in our lives, now probably more than ever. We are so used to doing it all on our own. The beauty of our little Conquer community is that although many of you are doing private training, your individual success contributes to the goals that I envisioned when I opened the studio in 2020. All of your consistent work is felt one way or another by all of us that show up day after day!

It is amazing to think that my personal success, as a female business owner, has been mainly driven by other women. My studio would not exist if it were not for you: successful, motivated and empowered women. Each of my clients has made room in their life for improvement in their health and fitness. Every time you walk in the doors of the studio, you continue on this journey with me. Many have had fantastic personal results. For many of us, showing up during this pandemic is a personal win in itself and trust me, you should definitely feel proud of yourself!

I can’t hide the fact that the past year and a half has been tough as a new fitness studio owner. I’ve been putting in overtime, week after week, making sacrifices in order to make this place into what I’ve always dreamed of. It is almost impossible to not push yourself when you see others doing the same. Witnessing this inspires me daily. Not only do I see fitness results but it also translates to ‘real life’ success as well. I love hearing about what you are achieving at home with your families and in the workplace. Every time that you come to the studio, ready to work on your goals, you inspire me to keep going.

For years, I envisioned creating a safe space that would inspire a community of people looking to improve their lives. I could never have predicted I would be doing so during a global pandemic. The thing that keeps me going through all of it is when I realize my studio has been able to keep its doors open because of a group of people that choose to persevere no matter what. None of us were prepared for what we’ve been dealt lately, but we’ve all decided to keep showing up and every time we do so, we are continuing on the journey towards a healthy life.

-Robynn, Owner & Operator

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