Conquer personal training is a private fitness studio. Our clients have access to one-on-one personal training, individual nutrition counselling and progress reports. In addition to weekly one-on-one training sessions, clients attend small fitness groups, drop-in work outs, yoga and meditation sessions. Our group offerings change throughout the year in order to keep it fresh and engaging for long-term clients. Whether it is a summer running group, an 8 week nutrition challenge or introducing new equipment like the Pelaton bike, we strive to be dynamic so you stay committed to your fitness and health!

Making the decision to change is never easy. It can be daunting and isolating. Your family members, friends and coworkers may not be on the same journey as you. You may feel overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. You may want to try something new or have questions regarding diets or fitness.

As a conquer client, you will have your own personal coach. This means you will have your own go-to expert that will guide, advise and encourage you along the way. A coach is a friend that genuinely cares and will not let you give up when you think you can’t do it. Having a coach that you can trust and count on is the key to long-term success in personal training.

It is important to create a network and support system to help you stay accountable and consistent. As a Conquer client, you become part of a community of people that have made the decision to improve their lives. It is easier to conquer the challenges of life together!

The Conquer approach is to listen and understand the client’s unique circumstances and guide them through the peaks and valleys of life towards a goal of overall health. The bottom line is that I want you to achieve success, enjoy the process and establish life long habits! Join me and the many others that are taking back their health and changing everyday. Together we can conquer!